Benefits of a eco-friendly shop front window art display over posters and such…

When it comes to advertising, the concept is the same everywhere: Get noticed, create visibility and put out a vibe or narrative that not only says “we are the best in the business,” but one that keeps the customers or clients coming back.

Advertising can be complicated, no doubt, with business owners and companies going out of their way to find what will bring the desired result. This is no easy feat, but there is one form of advertising that every small or large business owner can always count on, and that’s advertising with art. It not only offers incredible results but provides benefits that are hard to ignore.

Have you ever seen art on a retail window display? It says and does so much more than a poster, paper or plastic ad could ever do. No storefront advertising idea or shop window decoration advertising idea is complete without art. It is the go-to marketing strategy for shop and store owners, especially during commercial holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Easter.  It is useful for other established times of promotion such as Halloween, Mothers Day, Summer sales, international sporting events such as the World Cup and so on.

If you are a business owner and you are looking to expand your window decoration ideas into something more unique, then art is the way to go. Here are some benefits that will convince you:


Unlike posters, paper or plastic ads, art offers an affordable price with great results. There are many talented artists out there eager to leave their mark because art is not just for profit. It is about recognition and sending a message. Here’s a benefit for you, not only will you find an artist who is passionate and willing to create art for your retail window display for an affordable price, you will probably find one who will do it for free to gain exposure. Even better, artists are incredibly creative people, so there will be a pouring of suggestions for your retail window display that will leave you impressed.


The thing with advertising with art is that customers are no longer impressed with generic poster, paper or plastic ads. They are leaning towards advertisements that have characteristics of the owner in it, and as a business owner, these are the kinds of ads you should want.

One thing to understand when coming up with a retail window display idea, storefront advertising idea or even shop window decoration ideas is to go for one that leaves the viewer speechless with wonder or smiling in amusement. Ads done in posters, plastic and paper will not do this.

Also, when it comes to advertising with posters, papers or plastics, there is the danger of repetition. If you’ve seen one poster, then you have seen them all. But, advertising with art does not have this problem, it comes with personalization and with personalization comes uniqueness, and that’s what every business needs.


The first thing that should come to your mind when thinking up new retail display window idea, storefront advertising idea and shop window decoration idea is persuasion because that’s the whole point of advertising. Art can persuade because it is felt. It can tell a story because it is authentic. You should not limit your shop window decoration ideas to posters, plastic or paper, especially as we near the festive seasons.

Say you want to communicate the importance of staying safe and wearing a mask during this period. Which do you think would be more persuasive? A retail window display of a poster showing a person wearing a mask, or a retail window display showing a painting of a person wearing a mask?

Art for advertising – advertising with art, is even more persuasive when it comes to storefront advertising ideas. This is because art is felt, and the more your customers feel what you want them to feel, the more they are persuaded to buy from you.


We all know posters are made from paper and paper is made from trees and to make paper, trees have to be cut down. What about plastic? We know how toxic they are for the environment; causing harm to humans, plants and animals. Would you feel good knowing your retail window display came from a tree that was unnecessarily cut down to make it?

A poster you would eventually need to get rid of to create a new one. This is not an issue when advertising with art because if you want to switch up your storefront advertising for a shop window decoration to match the theme of the season, you can get an artist to paint over it.

There is no going wrong when advertising with art because you get benefits not just for yourself but for the environment. Also, your store’s display window is a huge asset, and you should make the most of it.

To create an authentic retail window display, storefront advertising and shop window decoration, leave a message, and we’ll get back to you.

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