With the use of creative art ideas and skilled artists, they are able to produce one of the most Unique and Exclusive Window Art Decorations around.

They are experts at transforming a space into an inspiring and enlivening environment.

They produce space and brand engagement projects that excite, inspire and represent their clients’ vision in a distinct and creative way.

They are able to offer every client something unique and outstanding. Each project is different and this is reflected in the techniques we use.

Expert Window Art are increasingly becoming involved with local councils and BID companies – Business Improvement District in offering the best painted glass window decorations on a larger scale.

As demand for artistically painted windows/ window art continues to sore, Expert Window Art tailor their service to accommodate councils who wish to do a variety of projects, ensuring the best value for their project budgets;

Small Window Art Projects involving up to 15 local businesses. This is also suitable for Franchise owners who wish to advertise with art on all their businesses at discounted rates.

Also, Medium Window Art Projects involving 15-35 are also provided for BIDs and councils who which to put on more of a substantive event, like an Easter Window art campaign or window art street gallery competition.

The Large Window Art Projects range anywhere from 35-40+ store participants.

Expert Window Art always attempt to offer their clients the most competitive rates for their requirements. With the 3 project options mentioned, Expert Window Art can deliver a fully tailored service at competitive rates.

There are a myriad of ways to engage your customers (or customers to be) using art and creative art ideas. Done right, brand engagement activities such as Advertising with Art can create a real buzz around your brand – driving both awareness and likelihood to purchase!

Expert Window Art  love the variety of these creative advertising projects, and coming up with a proposal that captures what your brand is about is a challenge we thrive on.

From creating for a huge Mural Art Project to Window Art Project, they are able to capture the energy, spirit and vibe of your space.

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