Creativity in Advertising – Retail Window Art Displays and Wall Mural Art

The question has been raised whether Print advertising is still value for money based on effectiveness. With respect to demand for Print advertising, prices are however dropping due to the movement away from print media advertising. Needless to say paper isn’t the most environmentally friendly.

Expert window art are fully environmentally friendly with their use of their high quality acrylic window art paint for their Storefront window displays, which means no vinyl, paper or plastic that are not friends of the Earth.

It is now generally accepted that social media is no longer exclusively the Millennials’ playing field, and is now a now an effective platform for Brand advertising. Expert Window Art have spotted this trend and use their website to promote their clients Brand and business as well as their own creative art ideas, window art displays, and Wall Mural art – community art/ outdoor art.

In the modern creative advertising climate society is increasingly becoming multidimensional, and therefore we can no longer afford to segregate each age and socio demographic.

Statistics show that an increasing number of businesses have started to reallocate their advertising budgets towards the world wide web, and again this is why Expert Window Art utilises social media – Facebook and Instagram in particular, as it is undoubtedly a killer advertising platform to maximise your brand recognition.

With every painted storefront window art display, whether it be an Easter shopfront window art display, Christmas storefront window art decoration, Valentines shop front window art display or Halloween storefront window art decoration, Expert Window Art place your business at the forefront with posts on our online platforms.

The same goes for our wall mural art – community art/ outdoor art designs and productions. Every client Expert Window Art work with all get the opportunity to gain further exposure online.

They take a holistic approach to creative advertising and will promote your retail or corporate business through engaging, creative art ideas expressed online as well as offline on your storefront window display or via outdoor art and community art projects.

Advertising via direct mail can be highly targeted and personalised when it comes to time-efficiency and cost.

However, although considered very cost-effective, email advertising has poor reliability. Most email users are bombarded by an onslaught of offers and advertisements on a daily basis, and thus tend to ignore them without even giving them a second thought.

For further enquiry about Shop window displays and decoration ideas, simply request a design idea generator consultation now.

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